MuteTab Browser-wide Granular Sound Management For Google Chrome


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June 2016 update: The latest release (MuteTab 3.0) takes advantage of new extension access to Chrome's audio indicators and muting ability while adding new features such as mute by default and blacklists.

MuteTab is a Chrome extension that gives you enhanced control over your browser's sound.

The extension was first released in 2011 as an experiment in providing browsers with a better sound management experience given limitations imposed by Chrome and Flash. This latest version takes advantage of work done since then that gave Chrome audio indicators and tab muting and made that accessible to extensions to fix previous functionality and add new features.

MuteTab's features include:

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Created by Jared Sohn. Feel free to contact me with questions or issues (but try to read the text in the webstore first :)) on github, at mutetabextension at, or @mutetab on Twitter.

Also, if on Windows check out; it pauses your music while you watch videos and restores it afterward.